We are all consumers of someone else's business, every day we make an unconscious bias in our decision to shop with one company/brand over another.

As an international retail brand and business consultant I constantly see brands/companies getting fixated with logo's, mission statements, AI, VR, tech projects, and other such activity - all of which distracts from the real reason the company/brand is struggling or stagnating.

If the foundations are crumbling you need to fix that first.

Transformation isn't about digital, channels, tech, Apps, websites, or other fixed mindset stuff, it's totally about being consumer centric, then working out how you can add 'great' value by leveraging what you have to build the transformation bridges to the new future.

Consumer's don't think in tech silo's, they don't think in channels, they're all very selfish, they just want to learn more about you, and then choose the best way to 'buy' from you. 

Your job is to figure out how to do that, and knowing the 'WHY' consumers should choose you over a competitor is one of the biggest and ongoing roles any company/brand can do.

And if you're 'Why' cannot be regained, you have probably got 3 choices;

  1. Stay as you are - die slowly.
  2. Re-position with a 'leverage and build' strategy.
  3. Kill it yourself.

As the saying goes "Sometimes it's easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead"