I was reading an article recently that said marketeers were struggling to work out how to 'communicate' with customers as the data points they previously had access to from those paid media adverts had mostly disappeared as a result of GDPR, budget cuts, and of course the current financial crisis.

In a world where pre-covid marketinghas been reduced to the communications department this doesn't really surprise me, but it does worry me.

IMO It isn't more data sets you need, its an empathy that shows and respects you understand where our current relationship sits.

Rhetorical Questions: 

Would you have the same conversation with someone you just met opposed to someone you've known for ages?

Would you talk to people about Golf if you knew they had no interest in the subject ?

We are all either customers of someone else's business or open to become one.

So, you need to create content stories that I can relate to depending on where I am in that journey. 

And the best stories are the ones where you and your teams have experience in.