A brand new series of The Social Selling 'THUNK'...!

Volume 4 : Episode 1 with the SVP of Sales and Marketing.

The Social Selling 🆃🅷🆄🅽🅺!

1. the beautiful sound heard when the penny drops for someone on how getting their organisation Strategic with Social Media will improve every aspect of their business life.

This week we drop in on a Zoom call with a Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a discussion on the measurable business benefits in having their team trained and certified in Social Selling & Influence.

We all want...

👉Access to markets: Getting to the heart of markets, deep understanding, and presence.

👉Credibility in those markets: We are understood and appreciated in the right places by the right people.

👉Meaningful connection with prospects: A real relationship, beyond brochures.

👉Commercial interaction: Turning all of this into purchase orders and cash.

To have any chance of achieving this in the modern buying world we must centre the plan and activity in Social and Digital.

Most are playing at it, throwing brochures into a metaphoric digital leaf shredder, other are training their teams, arming them with the Social and Digital skill they need to keep the business at the leading edge...

I wonder where this SVP ended up...?

Let's listen in....👇

*these are all based on real situations or events.

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