According to 99 Firms Ecommerce Statistics, – the agency predicted an increase of up to $4.13 trillion in global retail e-commerce sales ahead of 2020 and by 2040, around 95% of all purchases are expected to be via e-commerce, boosting digital shares across all sectors to an estimated 72.9% by 2021. 

Though none could foresee the full intensity of this crisis, some fashion companies are finding that they are better equipped than others largely because of their digital know how.

'Social Media' can be a life saver for brands if they understand that social media is about being social first, and selling second.

The cost don't increase because being social means you measure 'engagement' over reach. 

You don't need a database, so no GDPR issues, if you operate an 'employee advocacy' strategy your outsourced 'social agency' could pretty much become redundant.

Amidst innumerable lockdowns and re-lockdowns, perhaps in 2022, it is now safe to perceive in-store consumerism as a distant dream of ‘what once was’ perhaps for the time being.

A Social Strategy is about recognising the value across the entire business, being authentic, and growing 'followers' and is not something that can be bought, it has to be earned.

Employee advocacy strategies seem to scare the pants off those in the C-Suite, mainly because they feel they're not in control of what the employee can/can't say.

Well, let me tell you that's just a huge insult to your people, and a complete waste of an amazing opportunity for your company, especially when the C-Suite are included as part of the 'employee advocacy program'. 

Who better to tell a company’s story than its employees? 

Team members are far more capable than any external marketing agency. When team members generate content, they themselves become the face of the company, and consumers often find it easier to relate to a real person than a company entity.

In simple language, an influencer is someone whose story you are prepared to listen to, and maybe act upon, something we all do every day in real life - example;

Jenny from marketing comes back from the sandwich shop that's just opened down the road, she tells you it looks really cool, and here's the sandwich she just bought, so you decide to take a trip in your lunch hour and buy a similar sandwich - now all you have to do is multiply that story on social media and that sandwich shop just got some very cheap, indirect, and yet highly relatable marketing from Jenny. 

Training and ongoing support is of course required, however..........

No tech investment needed - follow me for more low cost, no cost tips!