There is such a thing a "shaming" on social media.  What does that mean?

Let's pick a type of shaming at random, for example "fat shaming".

Fat shaming involves criticizing and harassing overweight people about their weight or eating habits to make them feel ashamed of themselves.

The belief is that this may motivate people to eat less, exercise more, and lose weight.

Research shows that much of the discussion on obesity on social media involves fat shaming, which often turns into harassment and cyberbullying — especially against women. 

Now there is spam shaming

We are all pissed off from the constant stream of spam emails, inmails and spam connection requests .... total irrelevance and a sea of sameness. I've written before about how I create rules in email so that any spam goes straight to the bin, by passing junk and my inbox.  For me this is a good solution.

Some people take it upon themselves to respond to the spam and they often do this in a "robust" way, expressing their frustrations.

Now people are starting to read out the responses they get to spam on social media

We are sales and marketing professionals?

As sales and marketing professionals we all know that spam and sending marketing emails and making cold calls has no place in a modern sales and marketing mix.  

Which is why, people have a right to complain about spam.

And people and reading out people's messages and complaints about spam is Spam shaming.

Maybe it's the belief that this may motivate people to stop complaining about spam or maybe even allow spam into our lives.  And no spam isn't a natural part of selling today, 

It is after all the second decade of the 21st century, cold calling is 40 years old and email marketing is 30 years old.  Time has moved on.

Spam shaming, is harassment and cyberbullying just like any form of shaming.