2020 was a strange, difficult and astonishing year in several ways.

Something we had never seen before. A global pandemic that I for one (44) had never seen in my life, and probably never will again.

  • Businesses affected drastically.
  • People feeling the emotions of what has happened in work and life.
  • The economy being dealt another blow amongst other tangible tests within.
  • Finance being stretched across function and home life.
  • Health & Wellbeing maxed out and being brought front and centre as a key topic.
  • Guidance, Support & Leadership proving new and underdeveloped to cope.

2021 started the same. But as we have moved out of lockdown for most, the after effects will still be felt for years to come.

What as people, and leaders and businesses can we all do together to get the best out of our daily work and life balance now, and to make sure that as we move out of this crazy 15 months can we do different that gives a new meaning to all we stand for and what drives us to make a difference in all that we do.

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Essentially a purpose that defines something more than just money exchange in business.

A purpose with people and organizational cultures at the core. A sense meaning.

Employees engaged by more than the job description. They feel like they are contributing.

Leaders of SMEs and larger corporations now have the chance to re-define how the structure and deliverable of the business are strapped around purpose and strategy.

We can encourage employees and manager to experiment, take risks, feel worthy to make decision that align with the business values and are a core reflection of what they stand for.

2020 was the time for reflection and battening down the hatches, clients, and keeping control and supporting your workforce from a distance. What your business was doing then, and what the process looked like then, should now be analysed, reframed and measure back to how the employees and the direction that the new purpose driven business wants to look like.

Values, Ethics and a Business Culture are all just words unless you allow PURPOSE to lead the way as we stand in a different landscape in 2021.

This is not a new term or word to describe a path to business sustainability and success, this term has been defined for years, but many have not used it in such a way that can make sense to employees, management and leadership to the result of harmony, trust and teamwork.

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In an article I read from 2018 by HBR it described the term 'MY' against the word 'THE'.

In short, the employee or person took control of what they were doing and framed 'MY' into what they were talking about. Not 'THE', but 'MY'.

It's not 'THE' job or 'A' job, this is 'MY' job. I take pride in everything I do.

This is about taking ownership in all that you do, within that team, and business.

Purpose can be led, and discovered through interacting with employees and asking questions, listening for answers and reflecting. You do not have to invent it.

The article goes on: "Identify a purpose set of values, and live them with integrity".

Suddenly you have a team defined by a purpose, working towards the success of your organisation.

Be authentic. Be human. Deliver insight. Continuous Development. Trust in them.

Repeat this daily, continue to talk and listen, encourage to take risks and speak out.

This will become the process and the purpose to define your business as you are now empowering the team to be better, be honest and open and try new ideas and become better at what they do by having a PURPOSE in all they do.

Behaviours will change, mindset shifted, authenticity shining through. From the top down.

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Tying the above into what we do here with Social Selling & Business Transformation.

A term defined by what you choose to see and hear. But you have to look deeper.

When we take our prospects and clients on the journey, everything we do from the start line is defined and wrapped with PURPOSE and STRATEGY.

  • Everyone has to understand the objective as to Digital B2B
  • The Strategy and Purpose is mapped out by all involved within the programme
  • The objective is to become THE leading player in MY sector and discipline.
  • The process is efficient across all stage gates of the programme.
  • It saves you time and money and develops your employees into social changemakers
  • Multiple disciplines and departments can become involved on the journey
  • The business is now a Social Organisation making Digital the home of B2B interactions.
  • Success is the GOAL. We put you and your employees front and centre. Full control.

This is MY role. With the support of the wider team. A great team that allows me to be me.

It is life changing transformation. Strong but true words.

It can do the same for your employees, your purpose and give them control to work smarter, more efficient, become more dynamic in approach and deliver a purpose driven results into the business. Employees engaged. Motivation intact. A happy and proud workforce.

Have a great week and ask me anything.

Happy to talk further.