I have been talking with many people and business owners over the last few weeks and some of the same comments and discussions come up.

  • I don't have time for social.
  • I can't wait for them to come to me.
  • I can call them at will, and find out what I need.
  • I hear about social & virtual selling all the time.
  • Will my competition copy my content on social.


Now, let me take you to the key facts about social selling and how it can fundamentally change your pipeline, change your business culture and align your message to clients and prospects who are actively looking for answers, ON SOCIAL.

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  1. Social time is strategic time for lead generation and pipeline
  2. Social Selling is the future of B2B interactions between buyers and vendors
  3. Business Transformation takes place across 12 weeks of a strategic social selling transformation programme. It is not being on social media.
  4. A strategic social organisation reduces its sales cycle by 40% and increases its pipeline by 30%.
  5. Strategy and planning makes social work for you and your business and replaces all the time you do other pointless methods of prospecting.
  6. Data and analytics are strapped into the programme to allow change, adjustments, support and direction.
  7. All the data now lives on social as your team prospect and build a network of key contacts and influencers, along with a healthy pipeline.
  8. Content is driven out in strategic fashion, allowing your audience to engage and get comfortable with you and why you do what you do. Business and personal.
  9. Harmony and flow now drips through the business as you get better at producing content and engaging with other people and businesses that interest you.
  10. You are now a social selling business and your competition is offline and you now swim in your own lane. Hassle free, at pace and with pipeline control and clarity.


So if you are thinking about it, hearing about it, and want to get on board with it, then let's talk.

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My business life in sales changed when I was introduced to social selling & business transformation.

Genuinely. What I once knew, was no where near what I now know. And it is far more current and exciting than anything I have been shown or involved in over the last 15 years of my life in SALES. I have my own space, my time, my learnings, my content, my share of voice, and my network to have conversations with, two-way, invite only. No disruption!!

It's not easy but it's simple if you listen and learn. Like anything it takes time.

Time you have to make an impact. Or time you don't have to sit about and watch others.

Once you do, you will never go back.

A new culture, a new business direction and people who are at the core of building sales pipeline and revenue and being social.




Be you. Be social.