Creator Mode.

A new addition to LinkedIn and has been rolled out globally since April 1st.

What is it?
LinkedIn has suggested that members are sharing and connecting like never before. Around a 50% increase over the past year.

People love to see content and creators of that content in various forms. They want industry insights and topical information.

You can add #hashtags to your profile that indicate what topics you post the most about.

This will move your Featured and Activity sections to the top of your profile, for a more prominent display of your content.

It will also change the connect button to follow to help you engage with your community and those that interest you on this platform.

This can only be a good thing for social with content being part of the daily engagement on this digital B2B platform as we teach our clients to write and create content, own their space and be comfortable in having commercial interactions on social.

A host of opportunity.

Be you. Be social.

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