Social Cadence.

What to post?
When to post?
How to share it?
Why this time and that platform?

I have a weekly calendar of content which I frame the week before.
Timing. Format. Platform.

It works for me and is part of the strategy that works for our clients and helps the flow of your content across the week and across our social channels.

Posting is only the start, but social is all about the after care and the engagement with your content, and the content of others.
Engage with speed on your content, the further the push.

Authored, curated and personal works for us and our clients.
More on that midweek.

A mix, rhythm and flow that lets your network get to know more about you, warm to you and the content you share. Growing the audience.

For me
LinkedIn - Once a day. Long tail, short form, blogs, pics, vids, slides
Keep engaging, keep the conversation going.

Twitter - Scheduled for time and 5-10 a day.
Lists can help you control your feed.

From our research and data analysis this strategy works for our clients and is the foundation of our programme to commercial engagement from social.

What is working for you right now?

Be you. Be social.

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