This is a fantastic 2:12 from Simon Sinek.

When listening to this, right now, it makes more sense than ever.
And for those of you who watch this, listen to the words, listen to what it means, then take a step back and ask yourself these questions.

Do you love what you do?
Do you feel part of the team?
Are you being heard?
Can you apply new ideas that work?
Do you feel safe to share your emotions?
Are you improving and growing?
Are they just looking for a number?

Numbers are fine. But people, passion, love, trust, leadership, empathy, learning, coaching, ideas, development and support are far more important than just a number.

A social organisation who undergoes business transformation in the digital b2b market feels all of the above.

Social Selling & Influence.

Empowered by leadership and teamwork, all personnel will be alive, passionate and work hard to put your business front and centre.

Close the gap between your prospects and clients.
Then the number will take care of itself.

Be you. Be social.

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