The Transportation and Logistics industry has seen steady growth over the last 10 years.

A demanding market with many players and many new kids on the block trying to revolutionize the 'state' of the complex world of transportation and logistics (T&L).

The industry I was in was mind-blowing and had so many moving parts to get Shipment A to Destination B with all sorts of potential hazards and the uncontrollable incident that lay.

For most, the cargo goes smooth, but now, in this more digitally focused arena, businesses and 3PL players have to get smarter, more tech efficient and more digitally transformed.

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Lux Research shared a report and study halfway through 2020 and deep into COVID territory.

Three main business cases became clear in the shift required in this sector.




 Digital transformation is the answer to address such challenges. Maturation is needed.


 The breakdown for businesses in the challenges in this area are:


Consumer demand for rapid delivery (AIR)



High air carbon intensity,


New vendors being searched for. Trust, relationships

this creates Visibility challenges.

"We need to innovate to find better all-around solutions to address these challenges without exacerbating others.”

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LUX go onto say that companies need to look at digitally connected systems as opposed to disconnected pieces.

Tech development is being led by innovative startups, Fareye, Clearmetal and Optoro Stateside and tech companies IBM, and not by industry service companies.

In Europe. Shippeo and Zencargo amongst a few disruptors in transparency and digital.

3rd party logistics could be unseen as new tech companies get introduced and challenge the status quo. Time will tell but nothing is slowing down. Transformation is in full swing.

It is a $Trillion industry and there are lots to play for.


I can relate this back around to digital teams and the people who are part of the 3 & 4PL, and new tech and innovative startups.



Flexing your content with skill & speed. Insight adaptation.


Produce your content organically. Make it yours. Reuse and reshare.


Show up, be consistent and post daily. Insight, personality, trust.


Being on social as teams in the logistics and transportation sector is vital as this industry is heading and steering all towards a digital age.

We are already seeing big names work software and process towards remote operations, paperless eBills of Laden (BoL) and transparent efficient end to end tracking that keeps demurrage and delivery transparent and in full control of vendor and client.

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T&L teams, CEO, Manager, Director, Team Lead or Co-worker should all be looking at strategic social selling with influence now and not next year.


How often have you looked up or researched the market in this space?

How many times have you seen others do it, and wonder why not us or me?


Do what makes you feel comfortable.

Right now. Comfort is what we need. Embracing change and adapting is new and great. Direction and guidance as teams who are stuck in a rut or need a shift in strategy and mindset. This comes with being social and building your team around social.

Don’t waste any more time or money on that campaign or that e-brochure. Build long-lasting relationships and followers online by creating influence and sharing your sector knowledge.

This is what LINKEDIN is all about.

So if you are going to be on it. Be strategic on it. Get a return from the effort.

  • Build an audience by followers and connecting with people who interest you
  • Have conversations that are humanised with no pitching involved. Just talk.
  • Be the voice in your sector. Stand out. Give insight, knowledge share. Advice
  • Engage your followers, they want to see more. Tell them something personal.
  • Trust is in full swing. They know you, they want to work with you.


Because around 70% of the buying process is already done by the time they engage with external parties. Now WFH, more time online. More time to find YOU.

This method is working for many large and small businesses who know how to turn hard work, effort, consistency and commitment into revenue and inbound.



How are you coping in 2021 already? Get social, get strategic.

Let me walk you through what is going on.

Details below.

Have a great Wednesday.



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