Monday morning and the weekend got me thinking.

I used to post corporate content on my account because that was what we were told to do.

Marketing would advise, communicate, share and then tell us to do x and y with it.

It looked good, it sounded good. The colours were good, shiny photos and txt.

But I never owned it. Ever.

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It got some likes, (all employees of the company) other sector players but that was that.

Plus there was the added bonus of views and comments which no one knew what to do with.

Well, at least my staff teammates liked it and all the chiefs of the firm.

"Its like getting a hole in one playing yourself. No one saw it or wants to react".

Now, I am not saying that all corporations should be expelled from earth or social media.

No, what I am saying is, there is a place for this. It's the corporate page on Linkedin.

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When we post as human and people, everything we post should come from us.

It is our account, our voice and our mind and we have full control of it.

Again for the 'red tape' brigade out there. Stay within your business guidelines for sure if it is about work, but express your mark on it.

Instead of just posting what they send you. Tell the story your way. React your way. Share your purpose towards the story if that is what you want to share. Or else leave it on the corporate page.

We would rather hear from you, the person. Why you, why your product or service. Give us some insight into your role. Tell us what makes you tick. Share some industry gold around a problem solved and the challenges you overcame and the client you pleased.

Then tell us about the time you climbed a mountain and it was the best view ever. Or you went skydiving at the weekend.... Who knew???. Pic, content, #, share............BOOM!!!

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Now we know who you are as a person. Now you are engaging people all over this platform This is what they want to see. Something they haven't seen before.

Something that makes them think about a time they did that or wanted to.

In time, between the business and informative, educating pieces, mixed with the personal human pieces, you will start to see a pattern 👇

  • Audience
  • Influence
  • Conversation
  • Relationships
  • Connections.
  • Trust
  • Partnership
  • Commerical Opportunites.

Your network grows because you acted on it. Your audience grows because they want to see more. Your knowledge is strong, you are standing out in your sector.

Your team is also posting and they are seeing it too. Suddenly you are the power social team in your arena and you are now in the untouchable zone or Champions on Social.

This all comes down to hard work, commitment, dedication, strategic development.

It will not happen overnight and will not happen by 'being on social' now and again.

We support clients and people become strategically social with influence.

It is the year of social.

Next year will be the same.

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy the week.

Kevin Milne

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