Back in the day your CMO would be the brains and powerhouse between your brand staying front of mind over your competitor in order the customer/client would choose your brand over another. 

This was done by spending huge sums on 'advertising' which eventually turned the marketing teams into nothing other than the company bullhorn, for many this is still the way stuff gets done - despite decimated budgets and revenues, all the fraud, and outdated ways to measure impact on ROI - and it's really hurting your business.

A lot of what they're still doing is out of a 20th Century 'Don Draper's Madmen' playbook of marketing. 

However, the wide scale introduction of 'programmatic' ad tech has meant that the creative geniuses of ad lands yesteryear are no longer involved, and today's ad tech means you simply get your shitty advert there must faster whilst your agency and marketing team pat themselves on the back for a circa 98% failure rate, along with circa 75% of that spend going into fraud bot activity - 'Madmen' indeed!

So, lets ask what today is an extremely important question for all companies which is does your CMO and others in the leadership team 'walk the social media talk'?

A brand who wants to remain relevant and authentic today obviously need to understand how to operate on social media platforms and learn to 'listen'. 

Yet to do this there's a requirement to invest in a sustained level of 'content output'. In particular from leadership teams and especially from your CMO. 

This is important particularly as the mindset that shifts towards creating 'relevant' content, and can consistently engage a 'relevant' audience is critical. 

This is because the currency on 'social' is not 'likes' or 'seen' (impressions) its all about engagement, and the willingness of people to 'want' to share your story with others.

As brands and companies in the 21st socially savvy Covid impacted Century move away from the one trick pony of intrusive advertising and into the scary 'we can't control it' space of social media authenticity today is everything

Fake news aside 'Social Media' is what 'consumers say you are' not what 'you say you are and if your not 'relevant to me' or my tribe then I'm not really interested.

There are 3 key pillars associated with a really strong social media presence in the business world;

  1. A relatable personal profile - based on 'who' you are, not what you do.
  2. The ability to build relationships - grow your network in a social way with a business objective.
  3. The ability to be able to share what you know - consistent creation, production and sharing of knowledge about the subject matter you have experience with.

So, how do you and your leadership team stack up, is it still a case of 'do what I say, not what I do?