The biggest elephant in the fraud ridden Ad tech driven advertising room pre Covid was the erosion of quality in favour of quantity.

Many people confuse building a brand with building awareness.

Making the right people aware of you is a big part of brand marketing, of course, but it’s not the only thing you have to achieve. There’s far more to it than that.

Have you ever been to a social occasion where someone comes up to you and immediately pitches their business to you?

Would you have the same conversation with someone you just met as you might have with someone you've known for sometime?

Rhetorical questions always sound pretty dumb don't they?

If it's such a rhetorical question why is that many brands seem to forget this fundamental principle when it comes to nurturing consumers in the online space, and in particular when it comes to 'paid media'.

For brands to be successful they need to reinforce why the brand personality fits with the intended customer, and this includes recognising where each party is in that 'getting to know you' journey.

So when I see a quote from 'Warner Media' (link below) that says;

"The good news is that we've been building the company for this moment," Hogan says. "We've set up WarnerMedia to help marketers reach their audiences in some of the most premium content available in the market, while also providing them ways to bring in their own data to reach specific consumers, to connect with people on different devices and platforms, and tie it all together so they can be as strategic as possible with their budgets."

The truth is that the Television, magazine, and news paper (publishing) industries are not in the business of content, they're in the business of audience aggregation.

The production and creation of content is a means to an end in order to drive bigger audiences from which they can monetise those eyeballs via advertising, to do this they need to produce and serve us content that captures our attention.

Keywords and low quality creative on fraud ridden intrusive ad tech fuelled paid media pre-covid was reduced to a fraud ridden commodity, it was based on the principle that reach outweighed authentic engagement.

In turn it has lead to you and me not only skipping, blocking or refusing to give permission for those digital intrusions its created less trust which in turn has lead to erosion of the brand relationship, but awesome for fraudsters and related Bots.

If I'm looking around for a new car there's certainly no shortage of choice, they all get you from A to B, they all have 4 wheels and varying number of passenger capacity.

So why is it we choose one brand of car over another?

Price has something to do with it, but great retailers understand the principles of a pricing structure based on;

  • Good
  • Better
  • Best
Utilising a price structure simply allows the consumer the choice of 'buying' into their brand of choice based on how 'relatable' the brand is to them.

It seems to me that brands that take a serious look at 'social media' and choose to leverage it in order to build a tribe, get to know that tribe, listen to that tribe, educate and inform that tribe are the ones that build trust and gain authentic advocates of their brand.

Something that no doubt helps them maintain a brand 'front of mind' strategy ahead of their competitors.