In the next 90 days. CEOs should ask their business leaders to assess how the needs and behaviors of their most important customers have changed and benchmark their digital channels against those of their competition or closest disrupter.

I found this interesting piece from McKinsey in the link below that suggest the things you should focus on in the first 90 days - assuming you have 90 days that is.

This information should form the basis of a renewed digital agenda that should take no longer than 15 - 30 days to establish.

At the start of this crisis consumers elected to use those businesses they could deal with via the internet because they couldn't go out.

For many others it was an opportunity to satisfy 'curiosity with intent' that could be leveraged by eCommerce businesses that up until now had a 'good enough' customer experience mindset.

This could just be a short term change in behaviour for some, alternatively it could have simply edged those undecided people closer to brands and businesses who seemed to serve them well and provide a good enough experience.

At the start of lockdown we all saw the panic buying with the apocalyptic supermarket shopping that took place. Since then supermarkets report a sense of normality and reduced trolley sizes but a sustained increase in online orders. 

This could be a result of people slowly adjusting to the lockdown rules and messaging from government, but also an indicator of people being unsure around how long they need to make the budget last, so buying based on 'need' not 'want'.

For many companies, customers have already migrated to digital channels. 

Pre-Covid the 'journey' tended to be biased towards the internal goals of the company, post-Covid this needs to take an even greater customer bias in order the experience is one that amazes and encourages advocacy.

Employees are already working fully remotely and are agile to some degree. Companies have already launched analytics and artificial-intelligence (AI) initiatives in their operations. IT teams have already delivered at a pace they never have before. 

But for most companies, the changes to date represent only the first phase of the changes that will be necessary.

Growth, your agility and ability to deliver it at speed will make a key difference to your medium to longer term sustainability.

Social media is a free to use, free to access medium that's helping to democratise 'share of voice'.

Once you have reset the 'Why' digital savvy leaders should start to think about what an enterprise wide 'social strategy' actually means.

Why should they do this?

Because that's where 3.8bn people choose to go and tell their friends, families and colleagues about what they experienced with you.