It's almost one hundred years since the release of The Jazz Singer, the first film with sound. It turned Hollywood upside down. 

Now, it didn't matter how photogenic you were. If you didn't have a voice, your acting career was doomed.

Fast forward to the arrival of HDTV in the 1990s. Presenters, who previously relied on heavy make-up and fuzzy resolution, were exposed to greater scrutiny than ever before.

In the past, advances in technology affected actors and presenters. The current broadcasting revolution will be felt by anyone with a professional online presence. 

Previously, social media consultants emphasized the importance of profile pages, portrait photographs and 'tone of voice' for posts and blogs.

But what about your profile in the age of Zoom, Meet and Teams? Do you know how to use these and other virtual meeting tools to boost your online brand? 

Instead of just driving visitors to your blog, how do you attract guests to your Hangout? Instead of a long form white paper, how about scripting a series of 'how to' videos? 

It goes without saying, you also need to consider the basics of home broadcasting: lighting, camera angle and backgrounds. Bookshelves are in. 'Nostril cam' is out. 

If you are new to virtual broadcasting, take baby steps to begin with. 

Practice until you feel confident about your presenting skills and environment. Test your live coaching with a small but honest audience. Thicken your skin for feedback. 

This matters. Of all the predictions for our post Covid-19 world, the demise of the office and face-to-face meetings is a certainty. 

It's a whole new world. Learning how to present, host and moderate professionally is now a must-have for your personal brand. Ready for your close up?