Instead of getting too hung up on a virus that's probably going to be more of an inconvenience for the majority let's discuss that 'elephant in the room' subject of ad fraud.

If someone got access to your company bank account, then consistently stole 50-75% of the cash you kept putting in would you be happy, and just accept that it's just part of doing business? Of course you wouldn't, apart from the probability it could put you and your employees out of business its downright criminal, and you would demand accountability, especially from your CMO.

Forecast suggest ad fraud will continue to climb in excess of $100 billion by 2023. The next wave of growth will come from all those 'Smart TV's' that's now being used to intrude our viewing experience with what's known as personalised advertising.

The reality is, no one really knows how big the problem is because of all the different vendors, data points, and channels, which will now include intrusive programmatic shitty adverts on your Smart TV and Set Top Box, and at times it seems no one really cares.

Having been around in marketing for sometime it sickens me to think that the whole industry know there is a problem, but the spend continues. This is an industry that is also seeing the decline in the media marketing landscape, and this decline isn't being driven by fraud. 

It's actually being driven by ad skipping, ad blocking, good old GDPR and related data/privacy concerns from you and me.

And today the impact of Covid-19 is even suppressing advertising spend due to restricted revenue incomes as consumers defer spend in favour of fiscal survival.

There are very few places left for brands who want our attention to go to if this epidemic of widespread fraud is to be diluted, but 'Social Media' can be a life saver for brands if they understand that social media is about being social first, and selling second.

The cost don't increase because being social means you measure 'engagement' over reach, you don't need a database, so no GDPR issues, if you operate and 'employee advocacy' strategy your outsourced 'social agency' could pretty much become redundant.

Has your business invested in the training to upskill you and your employees to create and deliver an authentic ad free social strategy?

If not, drop me a short note and lets set up a brief call today.