Social Selling isn't easy.

Those that think it's writing a post lean back and wait for all those inbound leads to flow in are misguided. 

Just like the telephone in the 1980's or shoe leather before that, using social platforms are now a vital part of the modern salespersons' kit bag that cannot be ignored.

But let's get this straight, using social platforms for business is hard work!  Unlike the cold calling days that took place mainly within business hours, social is on 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Why's that?  

Gartner's research suggests 57% of the buying journey is completed BEFORE the buying team connects with the salesperson.  Buyers can be online at any time. 

What are they looking for?

Trustworthy content that helps them make sense from the information overload they get from informercials, white papers, and case studies sent by corporates. 

How does a modern seller make this new world work for them on social? It requires understanding, commitment and an insatiable thirst to share knowledge, without asking for anything in return.

"Build a following for as long as you can without asking for anything.' 

As a salesperson employed by a corporate, you may think this is a strange thing to do.  Shouldn't you rely on the marketing department to create and share content and wait for a lead to land in your lap?  

The answer is you could do, but you will be left behind, by your peers who get it.

As a salesperson on social media, you have a unique opportunity with the insights you gain from the interactions you have to be a sense maker for your prospects to bring them knowledge without condition.

If you need assistance on how to make sense on modern selling then let's connect on social.