Perhaps if I post again, this time wearing fancy-dress, you may notice me.

What happens in a networking event?  How do you feel about the loudest person in the room, do you try to avoid them? 

It is the same on any social platform, you don't need to be the "loudest" or have collected the most connections...  Ooooooo Look at me, I have a million followers... Whoopee! 

In fact, I believe the opposite. 

I value the content as much from people with small tribes of followers, who have interesting, well considered thoughts and help me in my area.  Your niche may not have a million people in it, so don't worry!

We listen and consume from contributors who have thought through their posts and demonstrate credibility. They inform as they write about what they know, have domain expertise, don't sell, and just occasionally even make me smile. 

With what we know now about the pace of change within the buying committee's on what they desire from a selling team, then not being present on the appropriate social platforms is a significant disadvantage. 

For a modern salesperson tackling the challenge of social engagement, building a presence, creating a tribe, becoming known for something needs time, and without reverting to shouting, is difficult. 

Where can you start if you haven't started yet? 

Here are three thoughts to get you going. 

Know your niche: Never mind what others are saying, continually build on your knowledge and share it.

Be consistent: but not so dogmatic that you set the alarm to remind you to post, but often enough that your audience will catch your content.

Make it quality over quantity mindset, but don't fear the post and accept and make contributions.