Do you know what an 'OK Boomer' is?

No, neither did I, apparently its;

"OK boomer" is a viral phrase used to dismiss or mock those who seem dismissive of younger generations' concerns.

A "boomer" is shorthand for a baby boomer - someone born between 1946 and 1964.

In internet parlance, "OK boomer" is a derogatory phrase used primarily by the next generations to show their indignation towards older people deemed indifferent to their concerns.

It is used widely on platforms like Twitter and TikTok.

Abigail Disney has hit out at people taking offence at the "OK boomer" trend, telling them to "sit... down and let the kids drive".

In a thread on Twitter, the 59-year-old Disney heiress asks fellow members of the baby boomer generation when they became "so easily triggered".

Are you a 'Boomer' who out of frustration and ignorance easily dismisses younger generations, along with their ideas?

If so, you're probably missing out on quite a number of business and communication opportunities.