We write about it, we read all kinds of articles about it, we even attend conferences, Webinars, and internal meetings about it.

This thing called 'Digital Transformation' is everywhere and we also see lots of companies thinking its all about the tech.

If you remove the word 'digital' and just think about the word 'transformation' it can shift your mindset from thinking in terms of tech to thinking in terms of people and process.

There are so many IT initiatives that are still sat gathering dust on the balance sheet due to failure to engage across the business.

So with regard to building your team, you may need to think outside the box, moving beyond the typical IT talent pool and skillsets. Building out a team of people who can flex their technical muscles when needed but can also pivot to call upon their non-technical expertise will help your organization meet the growing digital demands of IT and the business.

The reality is if you can't change yourself you'll never change others, and in my experience there are 2 types of people who get drawn into 'change management' projects, there are those who are the blockers of change because change feels like a threat to what they know and are comfortable with, then there are the 'enablers', these are the guys and girls who have already exhibited that they are the 'go to people' when something needs to get done.

By definition the latter will sit across many functional departments, and as such should be considered as part of that 'transformation team' because they will already know who the blockers and enablers are within their own departments.

We see the same thing with social selling, marketing's role has historically owned 'social media' and have used it to advertise and promote the brand/company, so it these guys who should be the champion of the brand we need to get onside first, they can then become the internal champions.

Transformation isn't always about tech, but it is always about people.