Just when we all thought that we were gaining more control over digital intrusion in the form of 'intrusive adverts' some bright spark has come up with a way to deliver 'dynamic product placement' into your favourite TV show or Movie.

Now product placement isn't something new, in fact an awful lot of TV shows and movies have been made off the back of product placement sponsorship, remember that brand of tablet your favourite action star used to save the world in that blockbuster you watched last weekend? How about that scene in Daniel Craig’s first outing as James Bond, Casino Royale, when Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd derisively asks if he’s wearing a Rolex? “Omega,” Bond corrects her. “Beautiful,” Lynd responds. 

Who wouldn’t want to own the same watch as James Bond?

Translated from marketing speak, that means that one day (and probably sooner than you think) that video game being played by the cool character on your favorite sitcom, or the giant billboard leaped by a motorbike-driving Tom Cruise in his latest action spy thriller, won’t be the same one seen by everyone else who watches it. 

These objects(see link below) will be carefully chosen to fit you, the viewer, and then digitally inserted into the scene with no sign of a dodgy join. 

Welcome to the future of advertising.

What do you think, is this a great idea, or yet another level of 'digital intrusion'?