That got your attention didn't it, C'mon admit it, its a 'spicy' headline, its about the one thing every single human being does which is 'have sex', but for some odd reason its something we seem to be embarrassed about discussing in public until we've had a 'few'. 

We try and pretend it doesn't happen, yet it creates more conversation than Sport, and without it where would the world be.

The adult product industry (link below) say they're struggling to be able to 'market' their products on social media because of the naughty word police, algorithms, and yes, sexual discrimination on most social platforms.

The article got my attention not because of any particular interest in 'adult products', for the record and on a personal level my view is whatever helps got my attention because it was saying how difficult it is to 'advertise' adult (sex) products on social media platforms.

And therein is what the real issue is - 'advertising' 

For obvious reasons its a highly regulated industry, which has got to be be a good thing right? we need help to try and ensure our kids (how did they get here?) don't end up seeing intrusive ads of sexy lingerie, or over sized love toys, and other such bedroom delights, even though porn is as accessible to anyone, at any age because we still haven't adopted the technology to help us manage it. 

When you transfer your 'advertise and promote' thinking into the social space you seem to be missing the point about being 'social', so instead of advertising your message, how about engaging with, joining in with, and creating social communities that have an interest in your subject matter?

You never know where your conversations can lead to - no pun intended!