On June. 20, the ICO released a report that specifically focuses on how the ad tech sector should comply with GDPR — an area that would be hard for it to ignore given the multiple privacy complaints made against the use of RTB in programmatic advertising by privacy activists.

So what, you might say?

Well with the aggressive push from numerous angles within ad land the next wave of growth (and fraud) is going to be happening via your 'internet connected' Smart TV and associated set top box, all so the ad industry can still interrupt what your doing, but as they say ' in a more personalized way' via programmatic. 

This 'personalisation' is nothing new, all set top box providers already use something called 'Automated Content Recognition' (ACR) software, and its been around for years, it works by monitoring your viewing habits, time, day, location, and the type of content you spend most of your time watching. And now they want to turbo charge that tech by mixing in 'programmatic' real time bidding software in order to provide us with the crap experience that's leading to exponential growth around ad skipping, and ad blocking, and from the article in the link below it seems that we have the GDPR as our potential saviour, but not until it really shows its teeth.

Forecast for ad fraud is expected to grow to $100 Billion by 2023, and the bulk of this growth is anticipated to come from, yes, you guessed it your 'Smart TV'.

Guess what doesn't have all these problems, Social Selling, that's what;

Scary Stuff Eh!