"All marketing has challenges – but healthcare marketing challenges are especially complex. Although every market has its own opportunities, the structure of healthcare limits what marketers can do and how. 

Working within those boundaries isn’t just important, it’s essential". So says the author (link below) of an article highlighting some key challenges facing healthcare solutions providers, its US centric but the principals are sound.

Corporate healthcare solutions companies operate in a global market, its commercially immense, extremely competitive, and no doubt quite complex. If you add into that the fact they all have to operate in tightly regulated sectors and territories, which all have strict compliance rules just how do they choose to 'market' themselves?

All highly regulated industries have an amazing opportunity to utilise the social media landscape, they have so many amazing stories and case studies, that if told in an authentic storytelling way can 'humanise' what for most of us is simply riddled with jargon.

Tech-savvy, Social Media aware consumers are rejecting blunt, intrusive push-advertising that targets the occasional ‘click & buy’ result and has dominated the on-line advertising space for the past 20+ years. Today’s consumers are looking for evermore immersive experiences where extra information relevant to their current social media activity enhances their experience rather than detracts from it and access to related products and services are a convenience. In a world where the traditional 'push advertising' model is effectively the sale of 'attention' - intrusive advertising is rapidly turning audiences off, across all devices, yet the opposite is happening with Social Media- Why?

I don’t know when you last went to see your Doctor, or to see a Consultant at your hospital, but when I go to see mine a significant part of those meetings is based on one fundamental thing ‘listening’;

You’re asked a series of questions to help with the diagnoses, this is done to help try and determine the best course of action for your medical advisor to recommend, all done in order to get the diagnosis correct, so it’s an extremely important skill that they ‘listen’ to what we say.

From what we can evidence the healthcare industry seems to have forgotten this vital skill when it comes to social media. 

'There is a better way, come with me'

We are active 'practitioners' of what we do, we already know and can evidence the ROI of a robust and internally aligned 'Social' strategy.

Part of that evidence it that you are reading this blog, just like many others - including your competitor!

We also don't do outbound pushy, salesy marketing, so if you would like to explore more, please contact the author of this blog.