Have to tried the latest voice message feature on LinkedIn yet?

Recently I've been experimenting with sending a few of my 'new' connections a video to say 'thanks for connecting', my personal view is that whilst it sounds a good idea, it seems to freak out my new connections who still want to feel comfortable with a simple text message response, apologies if you were a recipient part of my test.

So, what do we do with the voice feature? 

My guess is that there will be the usual suspects who abuse the privilege and function to send freaky, spammy messages, and then end up getting blocked by the recipients and pissing people off.

According to 'Tech Republic' (link below) "Voice messaging is ideal for business pros on the go. Whether you are traveling, walking to a meeting, multi-tasking, or just need to provide a more in-depth explanation, voice communication can come in handy. Since people speak four times faster than they type, according to the blog post, speaking is also a much more efficient medium of communication".

Thing is, if you ever watch video's on LinkedIn you'll notice more and more of them now come with subtitles, its a feature that allows you and me to watch the video without all the background noise disturbing anyone at the next desk, on the train, Tube or anywhere else in proximity. So why would a voice message not create the same issue?

Following my video experiment I'm not so sure that video messaging let alone voice messaging will catch on until you have managed to establish a decent relationship with the recipient. 

Nonetheless its a potential opportunity down the relationship stream to leave the equivalent of a mobile phone voice message, I'm just not convinced its the right thing to do in the early stages.

As the saying goes 'Just because you can, doesn't mean you should'.

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Image courtesy of www.visualcapitalist.com