When I read this article, offering four tips for cold calling success, it reminded me of the Today program on Radio 4. Every day they share with the listeners a horse racing tip.  It's a running joke that they are not that successful. In reality, you could be as successful by sticking a pin in the newspaper to select your horse.

Which in a way is like cold calling, you have to make 100's of calls before you get a winner, if at all.  Even with the "tips" offered in the article, your chances of winning with a cold call are diminishing daily. 

So why bother to attempt something where you know the odds are stacked against you?  Perhaps it's a habit or old school leadership practices that like to see their sales teams banging the phones?  Either way, it is a gamble too far with your precious time. 

It is time to move to a place where the odds are stacked more in your favour.  Where your audience is hundreds of millions, not just the odd one or two you can get through to daily.  Where your message, is always accessible at the time that suits the audience you a trying to reach.  

My tip to get a winner:   Build a stable stocked full of authentic, meaningful content that provides your audience with insights, different perspectives and knowledge every day,