Do you get stressed about creating & posting content?

It can sometimes feel like you are obliged to ‘put something out’.

Whilst it’s a creative process I tend to find that making notes from my day, other people’s content I have seen, or even comments/replies from previous post I have made are very useful to spark that creativity.

As an example (if you like sport or music) the reaction to the match or Album that gets played out isn’t always the same perspective for everyone. 

You can evidence this very quickly, because If you read or listen to a variety of media they all have their own view on the game or album. 

Especially on social media because these days we all have a voice. 

So, if you have a view/opinion or can provide expert advice on a subject why not share it?

It doesn't need to be 'war and peace' or written to win a 'Pullitzer Prize' it just needs to be authentic and add value to either starting a conversation, or joining in one and moving it on.

Don’t get stressed and feel you have to say things for the sake of it, as the saying goes 'relax, don't force it' mainly because it doesn't come across as authentic.

The reality is we all have stories to tell, some of those stories provide a different perspective on the same subject, guess what?

Some people who you probably would like to meet will find it of value, and there will be those that don’t - it really doesn’t matter, does it?.

We often arrive at a business to find they are 'buying in' copy and content from unrelated 3rd parties because of the need to get 'fresh stuff' out on a daily basis. As a result they lose the voice of the brand, and now it's started to become someone else's voice, not theirs.

Worse still quite a lot of them are curating and regurgitating copy/content from the corporate brochures, and everything they say is all about the company and doesn't relate to ME

You have to ask the question 'why am I and my business on social media, and what value can it add to our customers and prospects'?.

I don't know what business you might be in at the moment, but lets assume you are in either B2B or B2C - doesn't matter because the principles are the same, just slightly different objectives.

Let’s look at how you could/should use ‘Social Media' as a highly effective program to drive brand attribution, at the lowest cost, creating the biggest reach, and most potent & authentic ‘influencer’ campaign EVER.

It’s called an internally aligned ‘Social Selling’ strategy & its cost don't increase as your reach and engagement aspirations do on 'paid media', no worries about GDPR because you don't need as database, no need for outbound intrusive cold calling, mail drops, e-mail or anything else you are currently doing that's probably pissing off your prospects, but it will probably still need to consider that your company brand and compliance rules will apply.

How can this be you might ask, what do you mean I don't have to pay for this?

Go with me, this is for example only.

Assumptions: - It requires effort!

Company has an average of 50 employees , includes ALL areas of the company, and I mean everyone!.

Each employee has an average of 500 connections on LinkedIn.

You encourage them how to write (subject matter) content, stories & conversations that reflect your company & brand (all in their own style) including all relevant keywords that are important to ‘why’ you do what you do - authenticity is needed, not the sanitised version from the brand and compliance police.

Make sure they are NOT selling - influencers don't sell - they INFLUENCE!

{Scary stuff eh}

Get them (including you and your board) to do that (consistently) twice a week each month for 6 months.

Your bit - {consistent leadership required}

1st level influencer reach = 600,000

Imagine if they then interacted with comments, conversations & made new connections which grew that network even bigger?

Finally, make sure you have enough people to answer all the pre-qualified ‘inbound sales enquiries’.

We don't do retainers, we don't provide content/copy support or materials, we don't sell your ads, and we certainly don't do pushy outbound salesy stuff.

We do like to work with companies and brands that want to be the 'Change Makers' in their sector, so if this sounds like you and you would like to find out how.

Contact the author for a conversation.