Check the date, this article was published in 2019, not 1989.  Our suggestion for getting over the fear of cold calling is to stop doing it.  

It must be the most inefficient way to generate potential business, and has the highest risk of annoying people. 

Interrupting someone's day unannounced, with a pitch that we know statistically they do not want to hear is enough to strike fear into anyone making the cold call.  You don't want to do it, and your prospects don't want to hear you,  

Why do organisations continue to think that this is an efficient use of sales time?   How many calls are needed to make an appointment 100? 110?  it's a lot of rejection to deal with.... 

No wonder there is a fear, who would want to do it? 

Our suggestion, is the next time the boss suggests a cold calling day, is to use that time, to switch off the phone and start updating your Linkedin profile and change your strategy to a Social first approach.  

We know from the results we have seen that this has much more a positive effect on our clients' business, the relationships with their potential clients, and the well being of the sales teams.