It's time to fess up. I hate blogging. Ok, I don't hate blogging exactly. Anyone who can write interesting, compelling articles day in, day out, like my mentors at Digital Leadership Associates,  gets my vote.

It's just the word itself. Blog. A contraction of web log. It literally belongs to the last century (first use 1999). And still it sits at the centre of so many content marketing efforts.

But (through gritted teeth) there's a good reason why. Quality copy is rare indeed. Not everyone can deliver a must-read article every day. So when you find a writer or writers who can rattle of a ripping marketing yarn each morning you should stick with them.

There's another good reason why content marketing relies, even today, on blogs. A good blog is the basis for so many other units of content. You can break down the paragraphs and even individual sentences into punchy social media posts.

More recently I'm turning to my company's blog archive for copy that can easily be reworked into a video script. I can even find statistics-based stories that are quickly rendered into an infographic.

My SEO colleagues also love blogging. They feed me with key words and search terms that keep our domain authority riding high. Put it another way, blogging is the super food of SEO, keeping our pages energised and google-friendly. 

So, my friends, the rumours of the death of the blog have been greatly exaggerated. Good writing lives on. It always will. Now who's got an idea for renaming the damn thing?