Today, Marketing and Sales (as well) need to understand that the internet has changed everything.  Look at all of us, we are busier and seem to have little time for things, which is why we do have time for searching on the internet.  We all do it.

We have also realised that we are being bombarded with messages as companies use "Martech" to take analogue world and speed up that pushing of those messages to us, faster and faster.  Take Marketing Automation it's analogue email machine that enables you to pour more emails in the top and fire more out, through "digital".  And all we do as customers and consumers?  Is unsubscribe or set up barriers so that we can just ignore your message.

We ignore advertising, we ignore cold calling, we ignore cold email and we ignore events, as they have just become adverts.  We ignore all types of corporate marketing, as every company says the same thing.  We are the best, we are number one.  Take the humble website, once the main stay of the marketing mix, now ignored by most buyers as the website turns from a resource to just a brochure.

Our customers and suppliers are on social, so the time is now, to make the switch and move social from the tactical realms of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Human Resources and place it front and central to the Enterprise.

PS: Nice article, but they are not strategies, they are tactics.