Two of the issues I see a lot in the world of digital transformation is that people keep writing articles on why we should digital transform, if like me I just scream and say, OK how?  And there is then usually a silence.  It is just too easy throwing stones at the corporate world and asking people to transform.  Like dur!  We all know this.  But how many people have actually been involved in a digital transformation?  A small handful I guess.

The other issue is that articles on digital transformation drill down into the weeds and mention tech.  Should we focus on IOT or big data? Should we look at AI or VR?  The answer to this is simple.  If you have a strategy, your tactics will follow.  IT and tech is a tactic, and while an important one, you shouldn't even be thinking about it until you have a clear strategy that everybody buys into.  And I mean everybody.

So at least an article on the "how" and while this article focuses on program management, surely a serious topic it rightly centres on the people and the process.  People are process are by far your biggest "issue" in a digital transformation, and will need the biggest "budget" or I'm sorry to say, you will fail.