As a CEO of a business while this article is good, if you followed the advice, I doubt I would sign it off.

Here's my advice ...

1. Show me the money! - I need to see a financial benefit from doing this.  There has to be an incremental revenue uplift or what's the point?

2. How will I get competitive advantage - It's all very well putting these research "facts" in front of me, but we all know they are pretty meaningless.  Come on, what tangible benefit will I get as a business?

3. How will you motivate the people to do this?  This requires change, how will you take everybody along on the journey? 

4. This article takes about play books.  Play books don't work as people will find every excuse to say they don't work for them, as they want to avoid the change.

5. How will you empower people?

6. Empowerment is temporary, how do you embed the change?

If "employee advocacy" is what you do and what you do well, all of these answers, should be pretty straight forward!