Good article that challenges current Gartner thinking which is "the more you spend on Martech" the better it is.  I'm sure some of their suppliers back them up .... but when you buy marketing automation for example, there are is all the work that goes around it.  Training your people to think differently and doing all that work on Personas, creating content etc.

I'm CEO of a small business, cash for us is king, so what we invest in is critical.  Will we get a return?  I recently invested $20 in an infographic, as I write it's had 116 likes on LinkedIn.  If we assume the average LI user has 500 followers, it's a great use of content marketing.

So our advice, experiment, be open, have a culture to try new things, but let's not lose site it revenue (well profit actually) that puts food on the table and pays the mortgage.

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