80% of content isn't read.

In an interview with one of the CEB team they said to us "most companies get content marketing.  But once they find a prospective customer that will consumes a piece of their content, they usually order a dumper truck and dump a load of content on the doorstep of that prospect".  Probably from a big height.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in London and they guy next to me is talking loudly on his phone and quote of the day must be from him; "if I don't like content then I move on quickly."

We all do.  But it seems that when we get back to our desks we go through a time warp back to the 1990s.  When we needed a brochure, when we told everybody how great we are, where we told people about our features and functions.  Because we are after all the only product doing this and as our solution is so brilliant.  Everybody will stop what they are doing and read our amazing brochure.

They won't, like you, nobody reads anybody else's brochure or white paper that pitches to you.  We don't believe you and we don't believe any other sales or marketers.

So when will you stop?