Great article that works through a number of areas between bad and good content and in many cases it's a subtle more.

The problem we often see is that people agree with you and then go back to their desks and do the opposite.

There is a very simple way to work out what is good or bad content, I call it the "dinner party test".

The question you need to ask yourself is, "would I read this piece of content out at a dinner party?"

Would you read a white paper out? No! ... would you read that document that says how great your company is? No! .... your friends would laugh at you, tell you to stop being boring or not invite you again.

Being interesting, educate me, inspire me, make me laugh .... make me remember you.

As long as you remember that nobody cares about your product and services ... but if you inspire, educate or make me laugh I might just take notice.

I've written a number of these Passles with puns of songs ... why? because in the B2B a little bit of humour goes a long way and for me this passes the test.

Go on give it a try ..... by the way, this Passle title is a quote from the film Spinal Tap. :)