This research asked 500 marketers which trend they felt the most unprepared for and "of course" Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Voice Search were the top three.

If like me, you have an Alexa and are working your way through its uses.  Currently we get the news, build our weekly shopping list, play the radio and Spotify, get travel and public transport news and get her to tell jokes.

We purchased one, then not long afterwards, we purchased a dot as actually it's useful to have them over the house as you suddenly realise you need some shampoo but don't want to walk to the kitchen to tell it.

How long before Alexa is with us at work, telling her to book a meeting, telling her to run this weeks cash flow reports, or even linked to a report writer or business intelligence tool?  In fact how long before keyboards go the way of Amipro and Lotus 123?