Account Based Intelligence. If you have a role in sales, are a sales leader or, in fact are a CEO, and you have not heard about this. You soon will. And you need to understand what it means for your business, and fast. 

This is the next iteration of how your sales teams will be directed to engage with prospects or clients. Think how Amazon, Netflix or Spotify know what you are likely to be buying, watching or listening to next - this is what is now starting to happen in CRM systems. is the only technology I have seen which is doing this well. You have Salesforce Einstein & Microsoft's Social Selling Assistant - although now they own LinkedIn, my instinct tells me they will be coming out of the start gate at lightening speed on this. 

This is all based on Intent Data Signalling, all your social and digital actions carry some form of intent, aggregate this all up and the systems start to build up profiles or personas and then look at trends or patterns to infer assumptions on what you will do next, based on what a similar person has done before you.

The challenge is this. With all this new type of sales data and sales triggers being surfaced, will the sales person of today know how to use it and what to do with it?