When Adam Gray and I started DLA Ignite back in 2016, we had a vision that this social media thing was going to change the world.  But we had no data to back this up, until now.

Like any start-up we worked to the principles in Geoffrey Moore's book, "Crossing the chasm" and we took our social selling methodology and crossed that chasm. 

Let's cut the opinion and look at the data

All of the data from McKinsey, Hubspot, Salesforce, Gartner, etc all pointed to the fact that the world had changed with social media.  It's changed society and the world of business. 

We then had a perfect storm of mobile, internet, social media and Covid 19.

More interesting is that this research from Accenture, here.  The research is about how people, employees and business need to be connected to function in this digital world.  

So why should your business embrace digital and be highly connected?

Accenture state ...

"Financial: In fact, organizations in which people feel highly connected to each other, their leaders and their work, stand to gain a 7.4% revenue growth boost per year.

Trust: People benefiting from omni-connected experiences are 29% more likely to experience a deeper level of trust toward their organization and team. Where there’s greater trust, people are 35% more likely to deliver high-quality work

Retention: Being omni-connected accounts for 59% of an employee’s intention to stay.

Productivity: Of employees who benefit from omni-connected experiences, over 90% say they can be productive anywhere

Yet only 17% of the people we surveyed felt they were benefiting from omni-connected experiences at work. The opportunity is there to seize."

So what are Accenture's recommendations?

  1. install modern and digital leadership
  2. Grow a thriving culture
  3. Enable an agile organization 
  4. Empower people to be digital

Now what was a hunch back in 2016, is now backed by Accenture, not bad for a startup. 

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