I'm a retail brand and business transformation expert. 

That's not a boast, it's not an ego trip it's a well earned fact. 

With the exception of Covid time after time I see that rapid decline in business transformation is a result of external forces being ignored, or worst still delayed to fit with the internal narrative and balance sheet.

One of the biggest frustrations I have as a 'change and growth agent' is that often I've been called into work with companies and leadership teams when the problem has become a basket case.

It's not that I have any special foresight or silver bullets that they don't possess, what I bring to businesses is the mirror everyone avoided along with a cohesive process to help realign the 'Why'. 

I'm also not one of those guys who is fixated on 'transformation' being a 'digital' thing. 

In reality humans seek comfort rather than the truth.

Growth is a combination of agility, and innovation along with the ability for a company and its leaders to accept and be willing to implement 'change'.

The rapid change in social networks and people's interactions across these platforms are already having huge beneficial impact on all kinds of businesses - therein lies (for many) an untapped opportunity.

Most leading marketers now realise that pre-Covid experiences are no longer enough to satisfy consumers and must now look beyond typical brand advertising and communications, per an Accenture Interactive report

A "Growth' mindset is defined as a leader who encourages teams to work across the company, fostering an agile culture of collaboration ensuring that the brand vision and customer experience align in order to achieve growth.

Clearly there are several things that business need to get to grips with, but in the new order there are 3 things that require an agile focus;

  1. Consumer Behaviour
  2. Unpredictable Revenue Demand
  3. Remote Working