As a successful business you have to get to grips with the need to both retain your current sales team and recruit new team members.

The workforce of today is like the modern buyer, they have access to the internet, social media, mobile and they have been impacted by Covid 19.

What does that mean?

It means the modern employee and modern job seeker have access to instant information about your company through their mobile phones.

They don't need sites like, Glassdoor, (though it can be useful) as we can see exactly what it's like to work for your company through your social media profiles.

Let's look at what you can do as a business to retain your team and be the employer of choice in your market or vertical.

Growth levers to activate for near term and long term growth

If you think about your competition, how much budget they spend on marketing and how many salespeople they have.  If you want to compete with them based on the current way you go to market, you need to spend more than them on marketing and have more salespeople than then.

After all, if your all doing the same thing, the results will cancel each other out.

Which is why if you want a competitive advantage and gain market share today, you have to disrupt.

Our social selling and influence course (which is the only one backed by Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP)) gives you that sales methodology.  It's not about playing on social, it's a process, which is why the ISP backed it.

Considerations for investing in external and internal resources

If you want to retain the people you have, the answer is pretty simple, you have to invest in them.  All the feedback we get from sales people is they want to get modern sales techniques that will help them sell more.

In fact, getting in people who teach them medieval sales processes like cold calling and spam email, is in fact a slap in the face.  Sales people today want to be empowered to use digital, be able to walk digital corridors, they want to be in charge of their own destiny and sales ability.

Our social selling and influence course is the only course in the world that gives salespeople a certified qualification in social selling back by Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).  A qualification, just like you would get from school or college.  This is what your sales team want and probably need.

Reducing time to productivity to see results sooner

By recruiting people with a known certificate like our social selling and influence course backed by Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP) means you know you have a sales team that can "hit the ground running".

They already have the digital skills you need, they also have active networks that they can tap into quicker.  Our research shows that sales people who use our social selling methodology can accelerate deals cycles by 20%, which means that salespeople who have our social selling and influence qualification will start contributing faster, than those that don't.