I love music and I listened to a lot of hip hop when I was a young man (still do)

It was angry music.

And I was an angry young man (show me one who isn't).

It had heart and spoke to me like the poetry it is.

It felt like my music.

And I loved the subculture around it, everything from graffiti to breakdancing and the aesthetic of b boy culture.

And at the very core of it all, the notion of creating something from nothing.

One of my favourite bands was a group called the Gravediggaz.

And a track from their breakout album reminds me of the state of sales and marketing teams in 2021.

It was called Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide.

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See the great thing about social media from a business owner or CEO perspective is that you can’t hide.

It’s all out there.

And it’s easy to see if sales aren't producing content, if they aren't getting engagement on their posts.

If the marketing team members aren't meeting their connection quotas and growing their network.

And even if the senior team aren't engaging with insights and carving out their own thought leadership groove by producing articles and jumping on linkedin lives to talk directly to their target market.

Social media is a team sport.

Everyone is accountable and that’s the way it should be.

Yes some people need help with this. 

And you’ll often find the people in the company who are very introverted end up really shining at this stuff

They take to it like a fish to water,

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It gives everyone a voice and helps change the very fabric of your culture.

And that can only be a good thing.

And guess what, that directly translates to MORE pipeline...

MORE digital share of voice...

MORE recruitment opportunities...

and MORE cash in the bank from the conversations you start on social media and the commercial interactions that result from that.

Social makes EVERYONE accountable.

It creates a sense of self and belonging to a community like no other medium.

Just like hip hop did for me as young man.

The benefits of your organisation becoming social are out there.

And there's nowhere to hide anymore.