A nice read from Dr. Martina Fohr and Pietro Mazzocchi of
Spencer Stuart
From “wine and dine” to click and engage.
"Sales success is shifting from being measured in customer visits per field sales executive to digital offerings and engagement rates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn".
“Old-day industry practices — like wining and dining — will not work anymore in the future, and not just related to COVID. Different ways of generating sales combined with a shift from social to technical skills are ahead.”
"Sales in this space is increasingly focusing on end-to-end customer touchpoints that shape the customer journey, from digital engagement and webinars and a clear brand identity on social media to the tracking of customer activities and online booking of logistics".
"It will not be enough to tack on digital capabilities to existing sales structures".
Some logistics companies are looking outside the industry for digitally savvy sales leaders. Well we know a few that could help.
The CSO of this digital world will need to obtain at least some of the below skills in mention.
Content - Clear, purpose driven and with insight. Employees engaged.
Digital First Engagement Expertise - We know some who can help.
Data Driven decision making - Data is how you define you ROI on digital
Customer First - Recognize that the customer experience is not about your products and services, it's about offering what they want to hear, see and be supported with.
Building future sales/process/logistics teams for the digital/social terrain
An openness to change and disruption - new ideas, reinvention, evolving
In short the CSO and the leadership they can deploy across a team, aligning a strategic approach to the digital transformation journey will succeed.
In terms of the people on the customers journey.
We don't just add digital to old processes.
We coach habits, behaviours, cultures and make sure you are all social and digital ready for now and the future.
Omnichannel with personality and trust will make you and your team stand out and dominate your sector.
Enjoy the read. Ask me anything.
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