This is a term we see so much online "creating value" for clients.

If we unpack that for a second, what does it mean?

"Creating value" is all about giving our clients, something that is useful to them, be that knowledge or insight.  Tell them something that is impactful to their business.  Maybe, even entertain people.

There is no value in brochures, brochureware, white papers, I realise that marketing will tell you there is value in them.  But here's the rub.

"Value" is measured by the buyer and not the seller.

Try this.

Take one of your "value" corporate brochures and post it on LinkedIn and see how many likes you get.

Nothing, zero, zilich, is what I bet you get and if nobody "likes" it, the logic flows that "nobody likes it".

Every single piece of corporate content say "buy my product, because we are great".  All corporate content is the same and for the buyer it's a sea of sameness.  None of it differentiates.  

As a seller you have to rise above this, be different and be yourself.

How to create value with your clients?

The first thing you need is a buyer centric profile.  When people come to check you out, how will the judge you, that you are funny, boring, that you couldn't be bothered to up-to-date your profile, that you are looking for a job ....

Second you need a network, not a network of x colleagues and recruitment consultants, but a network of people that you are trying to influence.

Third you need content.  Content that has been created by your sales team, sharing their insight, experience, their industry knowledge.  Notice how in this blog, share insight with you on how to sell more and better.  I don't tell you anything about DLA Ignite.

Finally, for you to exceed your number you need conversations.

It's conversations that create sales.

Conversations (and sales) will come if you have a great profile, you are connecting (in a non spammy way) with the people you want to influence and you have authentic content that is adding value.

I'll say it again, conversation create sales.