According to the latest Quocirca Channel Survey, the Managed Print Services (MPS) channel is optimistic that 2021 will see revenues rebound and growth opportunities to offer cloud services, contactless printing and support for working from home printing as customers adapt to the demands of remote and hybrid working.

This recent Channel infographic suggests that:

  • The business impact of COVID-19 was huge. 53% saw a negative impact.
  • They are most concerned by the broader market disruption
  • 45% said print volumes plummeted to an all-time low, with offices are closed as 'working from home' continues


The industry is seemingly optimistic about revenue bouncing back this year and plenty of scope for MPS to provide value-add services and cloud leading the way in home working for future opportunities. Good news for those in this sector.

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In other key information shared, Quocirca Director Louella Fernandes goes onto say "MPS is undoubtedly providing opportunities for the channel to diversify into adjacent areas. It can be a platform for future growth if companies can successfully build partnerships with complementary service providers and invest in sales, technical and marketing skills needed to deliver a broader range of services."

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Other stats show the move to digitisation and digital transformation is front and centre as we move through 2021 and beyond.

IT and office personnel are disconnected more now than ever.

Digitisation efforts increase.

55% support digital transformation initiatives.

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So, let's rewind a bit...

invest in sales, technical and marketing skills needed to deliver a broader range of services."

What is Managed Print Service landscape doing to invest in there people, and make them better at delivering insight, being more personal to the customers and showcasing the services and themselves?

This leads right into Social Selling & Influence.

We have discussed on this platform why several industries do not invest more time in the training and continuous improvement of sales, marketing and technical professionals.


Other disciplines are challenged year on year to be compliant and upskill to stay inside regulations. Why not here?

Right now as we stand we are only moving forward in the way we communicate, operate and work as people who interact daily with customers, clients, and prospects.

This will be done with flexible working, remote working, digital and online.

You may need to attend the face-to-face at some point. Gartner suggests this will be less and less as we move forward.

First Step

  • Look at the data and decide which side of the fence you want to be on.
  • Make the move to 'Digital Sales & Marketing' people. Online and with influence
  • Invest in the right coaching, and become strategic social players in a crowded market.

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Opportunity as a Business

Unlock the value of IoT analytics

  • Product data provides customer insights. The knowledge that your customer requires.
  • Personalise the customer experience.
  • Innovate and Improve to be the go-to in your sector
  • Drive digital transformation and support customer transition.

Opportunity as Employees

Unlock the value of Strategic Social Selling & Influence

  • Empower your employees to become social champions that we trust.
  • Let them provide insight and knowledge to their clients and prospects.
  • Personalise your platform to be more human and customer-centric.
  • Build a following and have online conversations that lead to commercial interactions.
  • Become trusted advisors on the greatest platform for engagement in B2B

Businesses tell us they are 'all over social'.

What they mean is they post once in a while, marketing does a post a week and we share it, then we send it to sales and they share it also. We get likes and comments now and then and that is how we remain visible.

This is called reactive and tactical. This is not STRATEGIC SOCIAL SELLING.

What are you going to do as a business to gain market share and stand out?

I loved the MPS sector. It was fast, enjoyable and there was a host of opportunity.

Thank you.


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