Well, that went quick, not 2 minutes ago it was the most bizzare first half of the year and we still have the 2nd act to come!.

Summer for many in the northern hemisphere consisted of a 'staycation', whilst for others bold enough to invest in that hard earned holiday abroad suddenly found themselves having to return home with 48 hour notice.

Obviously in the southern hemisphere most people are still dreaming about that summer holiday, and now their summer is just around the corner.

I'm a solutions orientated guy so I try to not just provide stories based on my bias, but also to help stimulate the industry to consider ideas from other areas that might just get the revenue dial moving in the right direction.

As this pandemic hit, the behaviour of all of us literally altered overnight, staying and working from home became odd at first but quite comforting over time.

Regardless of which part of the world you live every single business is still focused on survival, so now is not a bad time to reflect on how you set out your 'content strategy' stall for this ongoing critical time of the year.

One of my mates wrote a really helpful article sometime ago that provides 5 key tips on putting 'content' out there, this one really resonated with me (link below)

80% of what you do with content is about distribution.  The network, the distribution channels.  If you don't have this in place and think you can buy your way then, again, I wouldn't bother.  Yes there are plenty of agencies that will take your money off you and help you with ads, but nobody looks at ads so what really is the point?

What seems to be missing from companies was who was doing all that content, whilst it was linked to other parts of the business was it still sat in marketing, with the agency, or was there real internal transformation taking place, and how much of this content was genuine, authentic, and no corporate mantra. 

Maybe, just maybe, an internally aligned employee advocacy program might just help you to remain front of mind during this pandemic - well, you certainly don't have those advertising budgets available do you?