There's lots of people on social media who are extremely vocal when hiding behind a keyboard and computer screen, the term used is 'troll', but you could also argue one mans troll is another mans champion, so not for me to say who is, or who isn't a troll.

And then there's the 'numbers game' people, the connectors, the time wasters, the intruders........

When it comes to Social Selling on any platform I suggest the following 3 rules;

  1. Be Social first - Build a rapport, and a relationship as in real life.
  2. Don't try and pitch your product/service immediately after connecting - as in real life
  3. If you're struggling to understand point 2, refer to point 1

Of course if your motivation is to do nothing other than point 2 and you've convinced yourself that you have the bestest ever product, you can grow their business faster than a stinky fart in a packed out Cinema if only they could give you 10 minutes of your time you could change their world forever - forget it, forget, forget it!

Did you know there are over 5.7 million SME's in the UK (Small, Medium Enterprises 2019) The usual definition of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is any business with fewer than 250 employees. 

There were 5.7 million SMEs in the UK in 2019, which is over 99% of all businesses.

Now if you think about it that's a lot of business, with many of them being start-ups;

The number of new tech startups in the UK grew 14 per cent last year. The number of new tech companies launched in the UK rose 14 per cent in 2019

Data from Companies House shows there were 11,864 software development and programming businesses incorporated in 2018, up from 10,394 companies the year before.

All of the above are (from a business perspective) the most vulnerable when it comes to the global Covid-19 crisis. 

Revenues are being savaged, small businesses and large along with their employees are at greater risk today than ever before.

Actionable Solution;

There is a way to maintain a front of mind presence throughout this with a potential low cost - no cost lifeline that all businesses can leverage during and after this time of crisis.

If you employ just 4 or 5 people and have them trained to create, produce and post authentic stories on relevant social platforms you will start to create a 'front of mind' presence greater than your nearest competitor who isn't doing what you do on social media. 

The great thing is this is something they can do if working from home, or back in the office when this nonsense is over.

Social Media if utilised with the right skill based training, ongoing mentoring and support can be one of the biggest 'Superpowers' you can ever have as an SME, but no matter what you are told by those 'LinkedIn' gurus a 2 hour seminar will never make you an Social Olympic Athlete.

Drop me a short note, let's set up a call to take you through how you can get this going TODAY!