I'm still amazed at how bad marketers are at explaining our jobs to other people. 

Not just friends and family, but colleagues, even our future employers when we draft a CV or cover letter. We're just dreadful at describing the basics. 

Ok, maybe I'm revealing a personal anxiety, but still this article about inbound marketing caught my eye. Not least the way it draws out the differences between inbound and outbound. 

Especially the way it points out the advantages of the former. (Full disclosure, I'm a content marketing geek by trade, so no surprise that I enjoyed the comparison).

For me the big difference is the intrusiveness of outbound marketing. These days getting hit by an email or even a sales call is the equivalent of a poke in the eye, or left hook to the jaw (you decide).

And I can't think of anything more annoying than the random ads during a YouTube video. 

Aside from the annoyance of the interruption, they are a constant reminder of how clumsy re-targeting and prospecting remain, even in the age of so-called intelligent advertising. 

So inbound rules. If you don't believe me, check out the article. And don't forget to share it with anyone who doubts the advantages of inbound marketing.