It's the end of an era because Game of Thrones finishes tonight after 8 years. No more dragons,  no more Night King and no more one -liners from the Hound. GoT will be missed but remembered

What wont be remembered for most is the cold call they received today from someone who wanted to chat about (insert name of service here) - if they even took that call or left it to the gate keeper / hand of the queen.

Today, an average salesperson makes eight dials per hour and prospects for 6.25 hours to set one appointment. That means, on average, one appointment is made for every 50 calls made by salespeople.

Unlike cold calling, inbound marketing provides salespeople with a list of warm prospects that have already made contact with you through online marketing efforts. These warm prospects may have subscribed to your newsletter, downloaded a resource from your website, connected to you on social media, or watched a video about your product or service.

Do you still really need to make 100 calls per day or has winter come for the old school?