Here's a useful article that will help anyone reconsider their livelihood in sales. The author is proposing a mind-numbing 225 outbound cold calls per day in order to generate an appointment.  Think about it, that is 224 frustrated calls every day.  

Even when you finally do get through to someone, you'd probably be so surprised or downright knackered to actually get your words out you end up fluffing the pre-prepared script. 

The authour suggests, that salespeople may be trying to get results without speaking to people. I am not an advocate of that either, nothing gets sold via email, or even directly on social. Modern Selling helps generate conversations, either on social, on the phone, video, or face to face.  

By creating an expanding network of industry professionals allows you to curate content that adds meaning and context to roles of your audience.  These posts and articles become the starting point of a conversation whether it is online or in Starbucks.  It certainly makes better sense that cold-calling 1,125 people in a week!